The photo above was taken on October 25, 2023, at our LIFE & LEGACY™ Appreciation Reception, and not every Dor L' Dor member was in attendance or is pictured in the photo.


Temple Beth Sholom and the TBS Endowment Fund are proud to participate with the LIFE & LEGACY Campaign. LIFE & LEGACY is a national campaign sponsored by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and is coordinated locally through the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee in support of multiple synagogues and Jewish organizations in the area. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage support of local Jewish organizations through contributions and legacy gifts.

We currently have received 73 Letters of Intent from individuals or couples. Many have also finalized their commitments by formally including Temple Beth Sholom in their legacy giving plans. According to the methods used by the LIFE & LEGACY program, we estimate that this will translate into contributions of over $2,450,000 to the Temple Beth Sholom Endowment.

Click here to download a LIFE & LEGACY Letter of Intent to become a member of our Dor l'Dor Society.

Have you already included a gift to TBS in your will/estate plan? Please let us know as we want to recognize you among our members who are creating a legacy for the future of Temple Beth Sholom.

Email Nancy at

Members of the Dor L`Dor Society

as of February 13, 2024

Irma & Dr. Lewis Amsel

Ruth♢ & Jerry♢ Beck

Ben Berman

Charlotte Berman

Len Berman

Richard Berman

David Chaifetz

Edie Chaifetz

Channa “Alice” Chanover

Fran & Jeffrey Cohen

Martin D. Cohn

Beth M. Cooper

Dana Corn

Elliott Corn

Marsha Eisenberg

Harry Eisenberg♢

Meredith & Albert Ernst

Esmé & Eric Faerber

Sally & Dr. Joel Feder

Donald Friedman

Julie Friedman

Ann & Dr. Gene Ginsberg

Sheldon Goldklang

Shelley Goldklang

Grace M. Goldstein

Judy Haber♢

Stacy & Ben Hanan

Lauren & Todd Haven

Marshall Horwitz

Susan Horwitz

Wendy & Ken Hurwitz

Emma Joels

Edward Kalin♢

Vivien & Isaac Kalvaria

Carolyn Kaplan

Barbara Katz

Wendy & Michael Katz

Marla & Rob Katz

Sandra Katz

Valda Kaye

Sandi Kligman

Judy Lebowich◊

Joan & Bart Levenson

Susan Milman

Evie & Stan Mitchell

Iris Nahemow

Phyllis & Fred Nathan

Saranee & Neil Newman

Norman Olshansky

Joyce & Frank Podietz

Lois Portnoff

Belle K. & Dr. Theodore Probst

Susan Prohofsky

Loretta & Paul Rabin

Ronnie Riceberg

Michael Ritter

Gerald Ronkin

Sue Rosin

Samuel C. Schwartz

Felicia & Joel Servetz

Carol & Larry Shatoff

Susan & Martin Spector

Susan Benson-Steenbarger

Hadassah & Martin♢ Strobel

Sara & Dan Stults

Adrea Sukin

Ann & Al Treidel

Norman & Hannah Weinberg

Melissa & Rabbi Michael Werbow

Mark Yecies

Lea & Saul Zatz

Dennis E. Zimmerman

♢ passed

We thank those who have already made a legacy commitment to Temple Beth Sholom.

Your dedication and vision will ensure Beth Sholom's ability to provide a spiritual home for generations to come.