Jewish law and custom provide guidance for every lifecycle event. It is especially important at the end of life when the law imbues this milestone with a spiritual significance that protects the dignity of the deceased.

Preparation of the deceased is entrusted to the Chevra Kadisha. A Chevra Kadisha is an organization of Jewish men and women who see to it that the bodies of Jews are prepared for burial according to Jewish law and are protected from desecration, willful or not, until burial.

Throughout Jewish history, serving on the Chevra Kadisha has been a great honor. These men and women, selected for their character, integrity and personal devotion, are volunteers who are specially trained to perform a Tahara, the ritual purification of all Jewish persons who die. Working in teams, these men or women, depending on the gender of the deceased are always on call to fulfill their duties.

 Entrusting preparation to the Chevra Kadisha ensures the highest level of sensitivity and dignity for a loved one.

 If you would like more information on the independent Sarasota-Manatee Chevra Kadisha, please call (941) 484-2790.