Israel Update with Harold Halpern

Tuesday, July 27 at 7:00 pm on Zoom

The (domestic and foreign) politics of the State of Israel change so often that you need a score card to keep track of what’s actually happening. Our own Harold Halpern serves as one of our local experts and tracks events in Israel on an hour-by-hour basis. He writes articles on this subject for both the Sarasota Herald Tribune and Federation’s Jewish News. Harold is the go-to person with any questions regarding Israeli happenings.

Will the State of Israel go to yet a 5th election in the near future? How long can we count upon the present government holding together? Who are the key players and what are they looking for? Will Netanyahu be found guilty of corruption charges? Will the status of the Arab parties change and what role, if any will they play in future governments? Will more Muslim nations recognize the State of Israel, and will more nations move their embassies to Jerusalem? Is there any chance of a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians in the near future and what might it look like? What about the stealth war between Israel and Iran? How will Israel fare with the Biden Administration?

If these questions aren’t enough, bring your own questions with you on July 27 for Harold to address. He has no crystal ball, but Harold will answer them with his personal insights into Israel and the Middle East. Whenever Harold speaks about Israel, we all leave the session more knowledgeable and enriched by what he has to say. Please plan on joining us for another fascinating evening with Harold as he provides us with yet another fascinating Israel update.

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