Israel Trivia Night with Dr. Marshall Horwitz

Thursday, July 15 at 7:00 pm on Zoom

Have you ever traveled to Israel? Do you follow Israel in the news? Do you read articles about the State of Israel and how many Israeli foods have you ever tasted? Here’s your chance to see how much you really know about Israel as well as learning a number of facts about the “Jewish State” in a fun-filled session with our own Reb Melech (better known in our circles as Marshall Horwitz). Marshall, our home-grown trivia meister will present us with Israeli trivia questions that will jog your memory and will enable you to work cooperatively with others in your cohort to arrive at answers to these questions.

TBS Men’s Club presents another exciting and humorous evening that will test your trivia skills. You need not be an Israel expert to enjoy trivia nights. Get to know other TBS members better and enjoy the camaraderie of the evening. Watch Marshall as he is transformed into Chassidic Reb Melech as he challenges you in a humorous manner to test your memory banks. There is always a lot of bantering and continuous laughter throughout the game. The number of attendees has grown from trivia night to trivia night as more people take advantage of these group sessions. Everybody wins!!!

Try your skills at Israel trivia…. You will walk away knowing more about Israel and will leave with a broad smile on your face!

Please note that the Trivia Nights utilize a different Zoom address than what you generally use for TBS events.

There are limited numbers of places available and are provided on a first come, first served basis.

To secure a place for the July 15 Israel Trivia Night, email Marshall at to register.

Marshall will send you the Zoom evite that will enable you to get into the program.

This program is free, but donations are always welcome! Click here or the red button at the top of the page to donate.